Further updates. Pages added and pages/sections restructured Few more resource requirements added (waiting on the rest from the devs) PVP Section planned and pages partially written Plans next: Continue section planning and fleshing out pages Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Seasonal Event planning/working out structure


The site layout is still being changed to find something nice and suitable. Once that’s done I’ll be able to populate pages properly. Changed: Completely changed homepage to give featured sections and remove the old hideous page Buildings landing page written To add: Building requirements from Ganja’s spreadsheet!! Think of other sections to add. Ones so far: Events subpages, labyrinth, other (to include equipment, heros, generic tips, etc). Possible section for “player” to include equipment, heros, dragon skills, etc, etc. Populate all the pages with text. Ask some of the other mods to assist with their ideal areas