Unofficial 4.5.0 Changes

Update 4.5.0 changes seem to have brought lots of new features that have been officially announced but also a few undocumented changes. I’m going to list the generic changes and then break down the specific ones as required. All this information is scraped from the config, compared against the previous update and manually processed, so please be patient whilst I understand and process it. Anniversary Additions Anniversary event (Kingdom Conquest and Tournament) Anniversary Coins/Shop (Available from Barbs, Gold Packs and logging in during Anniversary week) Anniversary Accolades (only one of these provides buffs, the others are purely cosmetic) Hero Council...

Bringing the site back!

I know it’s been so long since I last updated this site but I’m now bringing the site back. I will be removing all the redundant pages and going purely informative. I am also planning to do an unofficial changelog for each update. Any questions or queries then hit me up on discord – Robachicken#0378